OneLane Launches Childcare That Fits Around You and Your Child's Schedule

OneLane Launches Childcare That Fits Around You and Your Child's Schedule

OneLane is announcing an addition to its family ride-and-care service – up to 2hrs of childcare with OneLane Guardians either before or after a scheduled journey.

The London-based family service, which launched earlier this year, offering safe transportation for children with expert Guardians, believes its childcare service solves a problem: how to find reliable, cost-effective childcare in London that fits around your schedule.

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OneLane’s new childcare service offers an excellent alternative to nannies or childminders. Instead of forking out a premium, and being forced to commit to a minimum number of hours per week, this reliable and flexible service can “fill the gap” when all that’s needed is a few hours of childcare.

How Guardians can help

Help in the morning to get the children ready before driving them to school

Stay to help get child ready for dance class after driving to the venue

Drive a child home from school and stay until parents return from work

Currently operating in London zones 1-3, OneLane helps parents get their children safely to/from school or activities – and its new childcare offer will add further value to the service. OneLane has plans for expansion within the capital over the next six months and will look to offer its service in other UK cities during 2017.

Finding a family’s perfect match

Parents can enjoy peace of mind about their children’s safety when they use OneLane’s family service. Each Guardian is experienced in childcare[1] and thoroughly vetted, with enhanced DBS checks as standard.

Because OneLane wants to build trusted, long term relationships between families and Guardians, it offers a match-making service, whereby the Guardian is pre-introduced and the same person is used for all regular journeys. This familiar face becomes a valuable member of the family’s support network.

Childcare that works for you

Head of Business Development at OneLane, Jina Kwon, is a London-based mother of one and is passionate about addressing key family issues through OneLane.

She says; "OneLane’s wraparound childcare service allows parents the flexibility to choose childcare when they need it – even if just for a short space of time. Our service is reliable, affordable and flexible. Many other childcare options in London are expensive and don’t allow parents the choice of just a couple of extra hours to help with the school run or after-school activities. With OneLane parents have complete control."

“OneLane offers a service that parents can trust and rely upon. That’s something everyone needs when arranging childcare.”

[1]OneLane Guardians are parents, nannies, childminders and teachers, selected because of their proficiency in caring for children.

About OneLane

OneLane is breaking new ground in the UK, bringing an innovative, entrepreneurial idea to Britain, based on a model that is emerging in the U.S. where child-focused family services have been growing in areas such as California for the last two years.

OneLane is a family service that assists parents with getting children to school and other activities. It answers a real need and solves a persistent problem for parents – how to be in two places at once, fulfilling work commitments, yet also enabling children to get to and from school safely and lead active, rewarding social lives.

OneLane provides a means for parents to outsource an element of parenting that has become difficult and, in some cases, impossible to achieve. Supported by an easy-to-use app, parents are given constant reassuring updates – and can have total peace of mind during every mile of their children’s journeys.

OneLane’s drivers are called Guardians, reflecting the nature of their work as both a child-carer and driver. To earn parental trust, OneLane is committed to safety, reliability and the provision of stringently vetted Guardians. Enhanced DBS checks are the cornerstone of OneLane’s intensive screening process.

OneLane plans to roll out its family service throughout the capital, adding carpooling later in the year. OneLane already has a core of loyal customers who appreciate the stress-relieving, time-saving benefits of this service – and the effect it has of enhancing the quality of their family time.

OneLane’s problem-solving approach extends beyond the family circle to society at large. Its carpooling service will help to solve the issue of congested roads and, as a result, will have a positive effect on road safety and car emissions.

OneLane Press Contacts:

Lloyd Gofton - - +44 (0) 7919 353 484

Justine Holman - - +44 (0) 7808 608416

Catherine Goddard – - +44 (0) 7720 635048

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