From an HIV patient to a spiritual author, Fabien Soudiere’s life is an inspiration

From an HIV patient to a spiritual author, Fabien Soudiere’s life is an inspiration

Fabien Soudiere was diagnosed with HIV in 2011 and he, obviously, was shattered. As the ailment is related to sex, there is a huge social stigma attached to it. Fabien went through the rigorous treatment procedure. But he later went onto the spiritual path and discovered himself.

Today, he is not only cured of HIV but is also guiding others through his upcoming book titled Sante! The Great Illusion Of Well-Being. Road To Divinity caught up with Fabien in an exclusive interview where he narrated his life story and struggles.

What is your book Santé about?

In French, Santé means health or well-being, so we could say this is a book on the concept of well-Being vs ill-being. In reality, for the many who will read between the lines, the teachings of the book are to cure oneself from all diseases and all misperceptions. As we all come from a different path, I have gathered experts in yoga, naturopathy and gardening to provide many daily practices, complementing the spiritual revelations of each chapter. Therefore, the book is covering 3 paths, 3 angles to live in harmony with reality as it is, namely: Breathing deeply, eating moderately and observing reality as it is.

It will speak to you if you want to transition to a meditative life, if you want to detoxify your body and even if you want to grow with nature rather against it. In the end, it is a collaborative book, with many perspectives, all leading to the One Spiritual Heart, That which we are, but have forgotten.

In other words than mine, some have shared their reflections on it:

“A book that brings you back to the essence of yourself/life, your inner wisdom and which leads to deep self reflection, by enjoying a variety of easy and fun practices.” – Sarah Hossenfelder

“A wonderful and insightful exploration of mindful practices from guru to gardener. Full of wisdom, full of life and full of ways we can centre ourselves to become grounded compassionate beings.” – Ben Riddle

“Sante is not truth or about creating a better ego. Sante is a beautiful collection of pointers and practices that allow for anyone to experience themselves as Truth, as Love, as no-thing and as every-thing” -Rob Pilz

We are launching this book on Kickstarter at the end of April. We are excited as this book is only the beginning of a new journey for the backers and ourselves. Through the crowd funding campaign, we will offer some Naturo-Coaching, few retreats next year and we hope to get a land in tropical region to start a fruitarian eco-village, where we could all retreat when we feel the need for Self-Love.

Right now, we are also doing a Live Reading every Tuesday of a different chapter followed by some discussions with the collaborators on it. Anyone can simply join us on WhatsApp to participate: We also released a preview of the book Santé, the Great Illusion of Well-Being to read here:


How did your revelations help fight HIV?

When you are walking, the environment starts moving too. Is it you that’s moving forward or the environment moving backwards? The revelations came after I questioned the reality I thought I was living in. The answer is simple, both are false, and you can pick which false you want. To be clear on fighting HIV, or any disease, all that is required is to stop believing in it.

Fabien Soudiere (photographed by @tomberrywild) and the cover of the book Sante!

To rewind a little. I was diagnosed HIV positive in 2011 and I accepted to be under the daily pill regimen until I came across the teachings of Bruce Lipton:

“When our perceptions are inaccurate we can actually destroy our biology. When we understand that genes are just respondents to the environment, what we have to do is not change our genes but change our perceptions. That is much easier to do than physically altering the body. We can control our lives by controlling our perceptions.” – Bruce Lipton.

At the same time, I had already had my first experienced with LSD and was working in Virtual Reality. All these experiences or understandings started adding to each other. I started to question my doctors on their knowledge, realizing they were just believers of Man’s poor knowledge of the mind-body, the intelligence that operates behind all things. So in 2015, four years later, I stopped the treatment altogether and I studied the body and the mind on my own. I tried everything to reprogram my mind and body, eeg headsets, binaural waves, mantras, affirmations, hypnosis, ayahuasca, etc.

Until I was confronted with the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, which went beyond the mind-body I was trying to repair. My life living in ashrams, and practicing self-inquiry, truly help dispel my misperceptions about HIV, well being, ill being and who I thought I was. I realized the words, and the environment created by the words are of my own making.

Usually when you tell your father you would stop the HIV treatment, he should worry. Somehow, both in him and in me, the Grace worked. My father was aligned with my words, and we never talked about it for six years. Not a worry. In this context, my father was my environment. That to me is the closest I can explain how it is your misperception of who you take yourself to be for who you truly are that is the disease. Your mind is the totality of the environment. To heal the environment is to heal the body and vice versa.

Now I can’’ recommend any other HIV patient to do the same. I simply had faith in life which regenerates all healthy and cancer cells too. My big revelation was that nothing is permanent, not even HIV. While all life energy is changing, I am not, I am that which observes it, untouched my any of it.

Illustration from the book

Tell us about your Spiritual journey?

In a split second, I traced back all the moments and lives I had lived, just before the car crashed. I was ready to leave. Blank. I was still here.

Even to this day, I remember every sensation of that car accident I had at 19 years old. Since then I have renounced to drive and I am always extremely alert when in a motorized vehicle. If some of us may feel safe in a car, it has never been this way for me.

The Grace which keeps us alive was a discovery. I realized I shouldn’t be alive. It was at 19 that I first questioned to whom I owed this borrowed existence.

Before that, I seemed to have been destined to uncover the magic trick that is this perception of Reality. At 10, I started being magician and later on around 20, I went into technology and Virtual Reality. I never knew I was already on the spiritual path until my questioning of health when I was diagnosed HIV. Then, from psycho active substances, medicinal plants to living in ashrams, I realized I wasn’t my body nor my mind. I was only imagining or creating sense of the nonsense.

It really all became clear through the direct teachings of Ramana Maharshi. I spent months isolated, seeking desperately the Self, asking who am I. Even though I would like to say “one day”, I received that download, and all clicked, it is more of a process which continues to expand. I had many insights. The more I started accepting my small self, as being love itself, rather this poor little spiritual seeker.

When I gave up seeking, all started making sense. Death was a myth. I had never slept nor have I been born. Like the sun never sets nor has it risen. I am in you, and in all that is, the more this is accepted, the more life is just a happening, spontaneously, without effort.

Today, I rejoice that this project came from nothing to become something, simply because we have this love that we are which we bounce at each other back and forth. I wish to all to realize this love we are, without having to do anything, simply being, who we already are.

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