Holographic Luxury Jewelry

Holographic Luxury Jewelry

Boucheron Launches its Collection of Rainbow High Jewelry

Boucheron unveiled its new collection of rainbow luxury jewelry. Boasting holographic hues, the jewelry brand used a combination of materials to reach a rainbow-colored design. The brand's reputation for uniting technical mastery with avant-garde aesthetics is cemented through its newest line.

Creative director Claire Choisne was inspired to create prismatic pieces reminiscent of the vivid color experiments of artist Olafur Eliasson and architect Luis Barragan. The collection includes 25 new pieces, each made by subjecting precious metals to high temperatures and spraying them onto ceramics and rock crystals. This creates pieces with magical iridescent hues. One notable opalescent piece features a twirling fish over a sea of powdered opal, cradling a central opal.

Image Credit: WallPaper / Boucheron

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