Minimalist Custom Letter Bracelets

Minimalist Custom Letter Bracelets

Tiny Zen's Custom Dangle Letter Bracelet is Elegant

Custom letter bracelets are an excellent gift option, whether for yourself and a loved one, especially since they can be so thoughtfully personalized. Tiny Zen is a brand that offers very elegant, high-quality and minimalist options for such jewelry pieces.

One can order the custom letter bracelets in one of three materials—Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, and Rose Gold Vermeil—and can even specify the number of letters that appear on the piece, up to three letters. This flexibility enables the gift to take on a number of interpretations—perhaps, it can be a friendship bracelet with the initials of different people, for example. Individuals can also choose the font style: Arial (Basic) Font, Dancing Script Font.

All jewelry is handmade with care and thanks to the timeless silhouette, the custom letter bracelets fit in seamlessly with any style.

Image Credit: Tiny Zen

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