Offbeat Embellished Gold Jewelry

Offbeat Embellished Gold Jewelry

Awah from Laud Unveiled its Ghanan-Inspired Jewelry Collection

Awah, the creative director of Laud, revealed his Ghanan-inspired jewelry collection of traditional gold pieces. The offbeat jewelry designer established the brand three years ago. Laud intertwines a range of influences with a fun take on geometry to rethink traditional jewelry motifs.

The new collection rethinks symbolic yellow and white gold pieces through its Ghanian queues, based on Awah's heritage. For example, the eternity band and the signet ring emulate the intricacies of Dalle de Verre stained glass through irregularly places speckles of diamonds. Each hand-carved piece makes for unique designs. Thus, the place of the diamonds is dictated by the pieces' finished curved facets. While the collection plays with texture and silhouettes, they remain simplistic by design.

Image Credit: Laud

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