Justian Jafin’ Repackage #2 Explores The Deeper Meaning of Art

Justian Jafin’ Repackage #2 Explores The Deeper Meaning of Art

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Sep 17, 2021 | By Joseph Low

After a resounding success of his solo art exhibition earlier this year in April, artist Justian Jafin is staging another between 17 to 30 September. The new showcase follows the same theme of “Repackage” but what sets it apart from the last one is the delivery.

In Repackage #1, Jafin incorporated works of other artists into his final body of works and these so-called “found objects” are portrayed via humour and parody. While it might seem frivolous to use such a style but the intent goes beyond the surface. It is to precipitate, re-evaluate and criticise a certain issue albeit in a light-hearted manner. Furthermore, in the previous event, Jafin created artworks that were based on the ideas of the artists that he handpicked.

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For the new exhibition, Jafin takes it a step further and transforms ideas and narratives instead of making physical responses. He engages critically with the artists that he has chosen (Nyoman Masriadi, Handiwirman, Yunizar, and Ay Tjoe Christine, among others). Instead of seeing the works of these artists as “found objects”, Jafin sees their works as “found obsessions”.

Similar to having a conversation, Jafin cleverly presents his own opinion in regards to the ideas of the chosen artworks. This is done through what is known as art criticism where the critique leans toward negation, visual “mockery”, or affirmation about the ideological thoughts and visual ideas of those artists. Understandably, Jafin’s “repackaging” treatment leads to an advanced level of appropriation, i.e. critical appropriation.

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With Jafin’s artworks, the arching theme will always be asking deeper questions about the human condition and civilisation. Despite taking a different approach, he remains resolute that nothing is obsolete when it comes to art. Through questions posed, Jafin hopes to immortalise art, not just the physical aspect but its essence as well. And he has definitely achieved this through this new exhibition.

For more information about Justian Jafin, follow his Instagram: @justianjafinw or drop him an email justianjafin@gmail.com. CG Art Space Gallery which showcases Justian Jafin’s work is contactable via Instagram or christianagouw@gmail.com.

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