East civic body nod to restaurants to serve food on terraces

East civic body nod to restaurants to serve food on terraces

On the heels of South MCD’s policy, the East civic body has allowed open spaces or terraces abutting licensed eateries to be used as service areas.

Permission will be given to serve food in open-air terraces on submission of a building structural safety certificate. The terrace is also not to be covered with any temporary or permanent structures, the policy states.

No objection certificates from the Fire department will be mandatory for using the terrace as a dining area. This will be permissible in restaurants, metropolitan city centres, community centres, local shopping centres, and convenience shopping centres.

Cooking will not be permitted within the open-air space, the policy said. Live performances will also not be allowed.

A fee will be charged for the open-air service area at the rate of Rs 200 per square foot. For restaurants at star hotels, the fee will be Rs 400 per square foot, the policy states.

The East MCD can also revoke the permission granted without prior notice if the conditions stated in the policy are breached.

The policy was approved by the Mayor by an order dated September 17, with anticipatory approval of the corporation.

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