Black Pearl Jewelry Sets

Black Pearl Jewelry Sets

Mikimoto's PASSIONOIR Collection Boasts a Sleek Premium Design Language

Mikimoto is a fine jeweler based in Japan and often recognized for its use of pearls, staying true to this, it launches the new PASSIONOIR collection. The inspiration behind the collection stems from a chemical reaction that reflects the beauty of a pearl and the power of the color black.

The capsule is made up of cuffs, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that are made with captivating pearls complete in a black finish. The majority of the jewelry is made from the black South Sea pearls that are set in a black rhodium-plated silver material. Items including the zig-zag ear cuff in black are made from silver and the link necklace and bracelet come as the standard design in the capsule.

Image Credit: Mikimoto

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