Makeup Palette Rings

Nail Artist Betina Goldstein Created a Wearable, Reusable Palette Nail artist Betina Goldstein was tired of frequently replacing low-quality nail art brushes and tools, and set out to create a reusable, wearable alternative with an elegant palette ring. The Artist Palette Ring can be found under Goldstein's Doublemoss Arte brand …...Read More

Stunning Gummy-Inspired Rings

Taylor & Hart Unveiled Am 8 Karat Diamond-Encrusted "Haribo" Ring Taylor & Hart, the bespoke jewelry brand, recently unveiled a stunning diamond-encrusted 'Haribo' ring inspired by the beloved childhood candy. This unique ring is not the typical candy ring many of us played with as a kid but includes a …...Read More

Modular Sustainable Jewelry

Jewlery Brand AMYO Debuts New Pieces and Jewelry Safe Hand Sanitizer AMYO is a jewelry brand focused on creating high quality pieces and style staples. Gina Nam, the brand's founder, pivoted her brand amid the pandemic to meet consumer needs, especially with the launch of the jewelry safe hand sanitizer. …...Read More

Maddening Love-Inspired Jewelry

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Masculine Ergonomically Designed Rings

The NAnaco Men 'ERGO FIT' Ring Accommodates a Man's Hand Rings for men are often plagued by the issue of being too hard to get on or off or a design that will slip off with temperature changes, so the NAnaco Men 'ERGO FIT' ring has been designed to help …...Read More

Heart-Themed Gold Jewelry

Missoma's Heart Collection is Available to Shop for Valentine's Day Missoma's heart necklaces have arrived in time for the Valentine's Day season. Buying a gift for a loved one can be a difficult task as many consumers desire a purchase that is equal parts practical and sentimental. Missoma's Heart collection …...Read More

Charitable Designer Padlock Necklaces

Louis Vuitton to Raise Funds for UNICEF's #MakeaPromise Louis Vuitton is continuing its partnership with UNICEF by raising funds for the duo's #MAKEAPROMISE campaign. This time, the designer fashion house is retailing locket bracelets and a small stuffed bear. The bracelets arrive in a unique padlock-style, boasting colorful straps with …...Read More

Top 100 Fashion Trends in February

The February 2021 fashion trends stem from a wide range of influences, delivering silhouettes that are ready for any season of the year globally. This list celebrates an eclectic range of inspirations and brings awareness to many purposes beyond the world of fashion. tac:tac is a fashion label that experimented …...Read More

Retro High-Fashion Beaded Bracelets

The Balenciaga Toy Bracelet is a Luxury Take on the Design The Balenciaga Toy bracelet is a decidedly juvenile jewelry style created by the high-fashion brand that is sure to call to mind the playground and yesteryear for many consumers. The bracelet features a beaded design that includes red and …...Read More

Carbon-Negative Diamond Jewelry

Aether Turns Air Pollution into Beautiful Sustainable Diamonds Aether makes sustainable fine diamond jewelry in a cutting-edge way by using proprietary technology to transform carbon dioxide air pollution into precious gemstones. The brand's launch collection, Earthly Pleasures, was created to set a new standard for sustainability in the diamond industry, …...Read More