Jewelry Design Robots

Moxie Helps Pediatric Patients Design Custom Jewelry in the Hospital Female-founded AI company Diligent Robotics creates robot assistants to help healthcare workers and its Moxie robot assistant is now being used to support the Kendra Cares program. The creative arts program by the fashion accessories brand Kendra Scott helps to …...Read More

Precision-Cut Diamond-Like Jewelry

The J.Rosea Simulated Diamond Jewelry Collection is Dazzling Diamonds have become slightly passé amongst cost and environmentally minded consumers, which is seeing new products like the J.Rosea simulated diamond jewelry collection be introduced to offer an accessible alternative. The jewelry is all crafted with high-quality materials and features diamond-like stones …...Read More

Recycled Conflict-Free Jewelry

The Logan Hollowell x WildAid Collection Debuted on Earth Day In celebration of Earth Day (April 22nd), the fine jewelry brand, Logan Hollowell Jewelry, released a new capsule benefiting WildAid, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing global consumption of wildlife products and increasing local support for conservation efforts. The Logan …...Read More

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Sets

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Ethical Mother's Day Jewelry

bluboho’s Tree of Life Collection is Perfect for Mother's Day With Mother's Day around the corner, bluboho offers "an all-inclusive curation of unique pieces that represent all forms of motherhood. The brand firmly believes that motherhood has no gender, age, nor hierarchy, because a mother is anyone who teaches us …...Read More

Jewelry Rental Subscriptions

Rocksbox Gives Members Unlimited Access to Designer Jewelry The right accessories can make or break an outfit and Rocksbox is a jewelry rental subscription service that appeals to next-generation jewelry customers who always want access to a fresh assortment of choices. The service was created to help monthly members rent …...Read More

Radiation-Blocking Bracelets

The Teslar Shield Bracelet Blocks Out EMF, 5G and More The Teslar Shield bracelet is a wearable wellness solution for those who are weary about the various radiation waves they are exposed to each day to help block them out in a noninvasive manner. The bracelet works by being worn …...Read More

Timeless Stainless Steel Watches

AMBUSH Designs a Unique Set of Non-Functioning Timepieces South Korean fashion label AMBUSH introduces a unique set of wearables that are quite literally timeless. Yoon Ahn introduces two pieces of jewelry that are made from stainless steel materials modelled after the look of famous watches. The first of the two …...Read More

Top 100 Fashion Trends in March

The March 2021 fashion trends range from an eclectic series of designs that are prepared for any season of the year. With Spring right around the corner, many of the fashion designs prepare for the warmer seasons to come, offering transitional pieces to ease into the weather. A playful example …...Read More

Mix-and-Match DTC Jewelry

Please Repeat Offers a Collection of Chains and Pendents Please Repeat is a newly launched DTC jewelry brand that combines indulgent pieces with everyday wear, aptly boasting the tagline "Extra is never a bad thing." The DTC model of the line cuts out the middle man, helping the consumer find …...Read More