Gender-Neutral Pinky Rings

This O-My Ring Comes in Many Colors for a Customized Style The O-My gender-neutral pinky ring is a unisex jewelry style for wearers seeking out a way to incorporate a touch of customized style into their collection. The ring comes in six color options thanks to a hand-lacquered enamel finish …...Read More

Ethereal Jewelry Accessories

Jasmin Sparrow's Eponymous Brand Draws in Vintage Design Codes Jasmin Sparrow blurs the line between jewelry and accessories in her vintage-inspired collection. The eponymous brand plays with materials and forms to create a romantic and ethereal range of designs. The New Zealand-based jeweler had traditional jewelry training in Wellington. Her …...Read More

Black Pearl Jewelry Sets

Mikimoto's PASSIONOIR Collection Boasts a Sleek Premium Design Language Mikimoto is a fine jeweler based in Japan and often recognized for its use of pearls, staying true to this, it launches the new PASSIONOIR collection. The inspiration behind the collection stems from a chemical reaction that reflects the beauty of …...Read More

Playful Colored Children's Jewelry

Super Smalls Jewelry is Ideal for Playing Dress Up Super Smalls jewelry is a brand of children's accessories designed for fun and ideal for play. The boldly designed range of jewelry was conceived by Maria Dueñas Jacobs, the founder of the company. Jacobs harnessed her experience as a parent to …...Read More

Youthful Jewelry Subscriptions

Claire's is Introducing Accessory-Filled Cdrop Subscription Boxes Fashion brand Claire's is introducing Cdrop as its first-ever subscription service program and it offers popular jewelry and accessory pieces to help customers express their true sense of self. Cdrop is launching with a trio of exclusive drops, including GlitzyDrop with studs and …...Read More

Playful Pendant Jewelry Capsules

UNDERCOVER Joins Justin Davis in Celebrating 20 Year Anniversary UNDERCOVER works in collaboration with Justin Davis to celebrate the jewelry brand's special milestone of two decades. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the brand brings forth some of the most notable motifs including the BLINDFOLDED BEAR and the GILAPPLE. It is seen …...Read More

Minimalist Kids Silhouette Necklaces

Meirako's Kids Silhouette Necklace is a Sweet Keepsake Meirako is a brand known for its customizable jewelry and its kids silhouette necklace is definitely a very unique option as a gift or if you are looking for a personal keepsake. All one has to do is take a side profile …...Read More

Luxury Jewelry Subscriptions

Covett Launched Three New Jewelry Subscription Borrowing Services Covett is a shared ownership platform. The company recently launched three new jewelry subscription services to grant hassle-free jewelry options to consumers. Boasting luxury fine jewelry pieces, the subscription options allow consumers to co-own pieces at a fraction of their retail cost. …...Read More

Artful Statement Silver Jewelry

THAMES MMXX's Tomfoolery in Motion Offers Stark Jewelry Designs THAMES MMXX by Blondey launches the new capsule full of silver jewelry design showcased through the Tomfoolery in Motion lookbook. The pieces include bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, which follow after a set of gold designs by the brand. This range of …...Read More

Neon-Toned Luxury Jewelry

Boochier's Playful Colorful Jewelry Boasts Neon-Wrapped Diamonds Boochier launched a new collection of luxury jewelry. Featuring bright neon colors, Boochier's new pieces are playful yet elegant. The Hong Kong-based brand outlines the curves of diamonds and other precious stones and metals in vibrant and bold enamel. This unlikely combination creates …...Read More