100 Jewelry Gift Ideas

From Ultra-Exclusive Jewelry Collaborations to Chunky Luxe Plated Rings This expansive list of jewelry gift ideas are sure to impress -- jewelry is a staple option to turn to in any occasion as a heartfelt gift for loved ones. One of the standout options this holiday season is by Virgil …...Read More

Empowering Gen Z Jewelry

&always' Debut Collection Takes Cues from Confident Old Hollywood Icons &always is officially launching in December as new jewelry company from Gen Z digital creator and singer Loren Gray, and it was created to empower young adults with jewelry to support confidence and self-expression. The brand for young adults is …...Read More

Fluorescent Diamond Jewelry

Luminous Diamonds' Designs Feature Extremely Rare Stones Luminous Diamonds is a new fine jewelry brand that uses rare fluorescent diamonds in its designs, showcasing stones that are formed under unique geological conditions and encouraging women to shine their inner light. The diamonds are said to have "a stunning inner radiance …...Read More

Premium Pure Diamond Acquisitions

Louis Vuitton Recently Acquired the Extremely Pure Sethunya French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton recently announced its premium acquisition of the 'Sethunya.' The Sethunya is a heavyweight 549-carat diamond that was discovered in Botswana's Karowe mine. The word "Sethunya" translates to "flower" in Setswana and references the house's monogram as …...Read More

Smiling Nano Gem Jewelry

Hatton Labs Joins Chinatown Market to Highlights its Smiley Face Motif Hatton Labs works in collaboration with Chinatown Market on a collection of accessory designs that spotlight the latter's Smiley Face motif. The duo launch a necklace and a ring design -- both of which are offered in the selections …...Read More

Rare Luxurious Gemstone Jewelry

Mindham Fine Jewellery Unveield the Premium Assael Pearl Mindham Fine Jewellery is unveilling the new Assael jewelry collection–a preeminent brand of gem pearl and precious coral jewelry–into the Canadian market. The luxurious new pieces feature exclusive designs of the finest South Sea, Tahitian, and Akoya pearls, as well as vibrant …...Read More

Recycled Silver Jewelry Lines

Loveness Lee Launches the Recycled Silver Collection The Recycled Silver Collection from Loveness Lee boasts an eight-piece capsule which is as eco-friendly as it is stylish. This particular line offers both gold and silver pieces that include earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. The jewelry is both unique and timeless, boasting …...Read More

Women's Suffrage Voter Necklaces

The Vote Necklace Embodies Female Liberation and Feminisms Those looking to celebrate the female's movement and all it's accomplished may be drawn to the Vote Necklace, an empowering necklace that honors the fight for women's suffrage. The necklace celebrates the ratification of the 19th Amendment, reminding women that they "can …...Read More

Chic Pearl Jewelry Collections

Blue Billie's 'One of a Kind' Collection Offers Peal Jewelry Blue Billie's 'One of a Kind' collection offers peal jewelry which, as the name suggests, is entirely unique. Blue Billie is a Swedish jewelry label which has become known for their simple yet luxurious jewelry offerings. Perfect for the chic …...Read More

Elevated Holiday Jewelry

Pandora's 2020 Christmas Collection Launched Ahead of the Holidays Pandora's 2020 Christmas collection launched ahead of the holidays and includes some elevated and sophisticated pieces, perfect for the modern consumer. The new capsule includes rings, chains, charms, earrings, and bracelets in rose gold, silver, and gold. Moreover, the 2020 collection …...Read More