10 Custom Jewelry Options

From Made-to-Order Wedding Rings to DNA-Infused Jewelry When it comes to custom jewelry options, there are two distinct categories. One considers the needs of couples who are planning to get engaged and marry. Brands like Allurigem (an e-commerce fine jewelry brand) and Holden (which specializes in custom wedding rings) are …...Read More

Offbeat Embellished Gold Jewelry

Awah from Laud Unveiled its Ghanan-Inspired Jewelry Collection Awah, the creative director of Laud, revealed his Ghanan-inspired jewelry collection of traditional gold pieces. The offbeat jewelry designer established the brand three years ago. Laud intertwines a range of influences with a fun take on geometry to rethink traditional jewelry motifs. …...Read More

Holographic Luxury Jewelry

Boucheron Launches its Collection of Rainbow High Jewelry Boucheron unveiled its new collection of rainbow luxury jewelry. Boasting holographic hues, the jewelry brand used a combination of materials to reach a rainbow-colored design. The brand's reputation for uniting technical mastery with avant-garde aesthetics is cemented through its newest line. Creative …...Read More

Jewelry Gift Box Sets

Tiny Zen Offers an Elegant Four-Piece Gift Box Set Perfect for treating oneself or giving it to someone else on a special occasion, Tiny Zen's jewelry gift box set is an excellent, fuss-free option—especially since the brand's pieces are already so personal, timeless, and elegant. One can turn any piece …...Read More

Custom Paw Print Necklaces

If You are a Proud Pet Owner, Tiny Zen Allows You to Show the World Tiny Zen is offering "dog lovers and fur mamas" the opportunity to showcase their love for their furry companions with a strikingly elegant custom paw print necklace. As the name might suggest, the jewelers will …...Read More

Minimalist Custom Letter Bracelets

Tiny Zen's Custom Dangle Letter Bracelet is Elegant Custom letter bracelets are an excellent gift option, whether for yourself and a loved one, especially since they can be so thoughtfully personalized. Tiny Zen is a brand that offers very elegant, high-quality and minimalist options for such jewelry pieces. One can …...Read More

Geometric Jewelry Collections

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Automotive-Inspired Jewelry Pieces

The Ad Antic 'Counter' Bracelet is Designed by Jinsop Lee The Ad Antic 'Counter' bracelet is an automotive-insured jewelry piece for men that aims to offer wearers enhanced style and more thanks to a high-quality design. The bracelet has been designed by Jinsop Lee and is constructed using surgical-grade stainless …...Read More

Gender-Neutral Engagement Rings

Zac Posen and Blue Nile’s Created Inclusive Rings for All Wrapping up the end of Pride Month 2021, Zac Posen and Blue Nile created a collection of gender-neutral engagement rings and wedding rings that give all couples the chance to celebrate their love. The range of 12 engagement and wedding …...Read More

Certified Carbon-Neutral Diamonds

Latitude Diamonds are Climate Neutral & Sustainability Rated WD Lab Grown Diamonds' Latitude sets itself apart as the first and only diamond company worldwide to be Certified Climate Neutral and to achieve the highest level of Sustainability Rating. For consumers today, the new brand shares fully traceable, USA-grown, guaranteed conflict-free …...Read More