Liam Neeson Is Excited for Seth MacFarlane's The Naked Gun

On paper, hearing that Liam Neeson was potentially going to star in a reboot of the Leslie Neilsen movie series, The Naked Gun, it just sounded like something so bizarre it could just work. Neeson has been much more known for his big action roles in the last couple of …...Read More

Lou Diamond Phillips Is 'Grateful' for La Bamba Changing His Life Forever

Lou Diamond Phillips celebrated the anniversary of La Bamba by reflecting on how the Ritchie Valens biopic changed his life forever. Valens, the rock 'n' roll singer known for hits like "La Bamba" and "Donna," passed away in a 1959 plane crash at the age of 17 just months after …...Read More

New Dragon Ball Super Movie Title, Character Designs and Visuals Revealed at

If you were wanting more Dragon Ball in your life, you are in luck as plans for a new Dragon Ball Super movie were announced to the world. It was also announced that Akira Toriyama would be heavily involved once again. During yesterday's [email protected], The official Dragon Ball site …...Read More

Johnny Depp Emerges in New Dior Ad as Fans Praise the Company for Standing by Him

Johnny Depp has reemerged in a new video clip promoting his Dior fragrance, and his name has started to trend as fans praise the company for standing by him. Dubbed "Conversations with Craftsmen: Game of Notes," the clip is of a talk show-style chat between Depp and Dior perfumer-creator François …...Read More

Britney Spears Shocks Fans with Topless Photo Amid Ongoing Conservatorship Battle

Britney Spears is ramping up her grievances against family members during her over-a-decade long battle to lift her conservatorship this week. Peppered between these outcries, Britney Spears is having fun baring it all and finding new dreams to keep her going in what seems like a never-ending fight that has …...Read More

Chip 'N' Dale: Park Life Trailer Takes the Iconic Odd Couple on a Big Disney+ Adventure

Disney+ is bringing back another pair of classic characters in this brand new series premiering July 28th. Chip 'N' Dale: Park Life is a whole new series with a lot of familiar faces. It follows the famous two tiny troublemakers, Chip and Dale as they are living the good life …...Read More

The First Lady Series Recruits Kiefer Sutherland as Franklin D. Roosevelt

Kiefer Sutherland is getting political for his next big role as a former president of the United States. The veteran actor, who previously played a man who becomes the president in Designated Survivor, has been tapped to play President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Showtime's upcoming anthology series The First Lady. …...Read More

I Know What You Did Last Summer Amazon Series Will Arrive in Time for Halloween

It's been a while since anything was mentioned about the I Know What You Did Last Summer TV show, but thanks to Amazon's [email protected] panel, showrunner Sara Goodman teased what can be expected from the James Wan produced series which we now know will hit Amazon Prime Video in …...Read More

The Tomorrow War 2 Is Already in Development

The Tomorrow War 2 is reportedly already in the works. Recently premiering on Amazon Prime Video, the movie was originally slated for a theatrical release before Amazon picked up the sci-fi action thriller from Skydance for $200 million. The move also follows the streamer previously picking up Tom Clancy's Without …...Read More

Megan Fox Fans Want Her as Poison Ivy in the DCEU

Shortly after Megan Fox revealed her desire to join a major comic book movie franchise, Poison Ivy started to trend on social media with fans rooting for her to play the supervillain in the DCEU. Speaking with The Washington Post this week, Fox addressed where she'd like to see her …...Read More