California Is Set to Lose a House Seat. What Now?

Good morning. On Monday, the U.S. Census Bureau reported new numbers that reflected a nation in a period of profound flux: Over the past decade, our country’s population grew at its slowest rate since the 1930s, according to my colleagues Sabrina Tavernise and Rob Gebeloff. California’s growth, too, has slowed …...Read More

Biden Aims for I.R.S. to Recoup Unpaid Taxes

President Biden is expected to propose giving the Internal Revenue Service an extra $80 billion and more authority over the next 10 years as he looks for ways to raise money to pay for his economic agenda, according to two people familiar with the plan. Mr. Biden is expected to …...Read More

Why Iowa Has Become Such a Heartbreaker for Democrats

The road back in Iowa for Democrats is long and complicated. The state once prided itself on having more registered independents than Republicans or Democrats, but since 2018, in keeping with national trends toward polarization, independents now rank behind both major parties. Democrats have suffered a net loss of 120,000 …...Read More

After Failures to Curb Sexual Assault, a Move Toward a Major Shift in Military Law

WASHINGTON — After decades of failing to curb sexual assault in the armed forces, lawmakers and Pentagon leaders are poised to make major changes in military laws that many experts have long argued stand in the way of justice. A bill championed by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat of New York, …...Read More

Biden Administration Hopes to Learn Fate of U.S. Hostage in Syria

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration pushed hard to free Austin Tice, an American abducted in Syria in 2012. The C.I.A. formed a special cell to gather intelligence, a powerful Persian Gulf ally was enlisted to help and, among other highly unusual personal entreaties, senior officials traveled to Damascus to plead …...Read More

After Nearly a Year of Unrest, Portland Leaders Pursue a Crackdown

“There would not be protests if police didn’t continue to murder people,” Ms. Raiford said. “I wish we cared about life as much as we care about property.” Protests erupted in thousands of communities around the country after Mr. Floyd’s death, but most gradually petered out. Portland, by contrast, had …...Read More

D.C. Police Department Data Is Leaked in a Cyberattack

Hacked data from the Washington, D.C., Police Department started leaking onto the internet on Monday, making it the third police department in the United States to be hit by cybercriminals in six weeks. A group that emerged this year called Babuk claimed responsibility for the leak. Babuk is known for …...Read More

Kerry Denies Discussing Israeli Strikes in Syria With Iran

John Kerry, a former secretary of state, said on Monday that he had never discussed covert Israeli airstrikes in Syria with Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, contrary to Mr. Zarif’s claim in a leaked conversation. Mr. Zarif and Mr. Kerry spoke constantly when the two were negotiating the 2015 …...Read More

Campaign to Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom Qualifies for California Ballot

SACRAMENTO — Fueled by partisan fury and a backlash against pandemic shutdowns, a Republican-led campaign to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom of California has officially qualified for the ballot, officials said on Monday, setting the stage for the second recall election in the state’s history. In a widely expected filing, the …...Read More

Biden to Send Coronavirus Vaccine Abroad

Senior Biden administration officials, asked by a reporter on Monday whether they had a “moral obligation” to ease the patent restrictions, said they had no new information to share. But Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, defended the president’s response. “The United States has been one of the largest …...Read More