Moderna and J.& J. Boosters: What Are the Next Steps?

An independent panel of experts advising the Food and Drug Administration will examine data on Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine booster shot on Thursday, and on Johnson & Johnson’s on Friday. Each day will culminate in a vote by the panel on whether to recommend emergency authorization for that booster for recipients …...Read More

F.D.A. Panel Is Set to Meet on Moderna Boosters

Pfizer-BioNTech won authorization for a booster shot for many recipients last month after arguing that its vaccine, while highly protective in the early months, lost some potency against severe Covid-19 and hospitalization over time. But Moderna’s potency against hospitalization has held up better over time than Pfizer’s, according to a …...Read More

In Pennsylvania Governor’s Race, Josh Shapiro Focuses on Voting Rights

What do you think Democratic candidates and you should be focusing on, specifically when talking about these threats to voting rights around the country? I don’t think I can speak for any other candidate, I can only speak for me. I’m a proud Pennsylvania Democrat, and here in Pennsylvania, we …...Read More

Texas Judge Urges New Trial for Death Row Inmate, Citing Jurist’s Antisemitic Remarks

A Texas judge strongly recommended this week that a convicted murderer on death row be granted a new trial because of the blatant racism and antisemitism that she said the trial judge had displayed. The recommendation, issued Monday by Judge Lela Mays of Dallas County Criminal District Court, paves the …...Read More

As Budget Bill Hangs in Limbo, Kyrsten Sinema Heads to Europe

Senator Kyrsten Sinema, the moderate Arizona Democrat who has objected to the size and scope of President Biden’s sweeping legislative agenda, has been trailed all over the country by progressive activists seeking to pressure her. They have followed her into a bathroom in Arizona, on an airplane and even to …...Read More

Mississippi Threatens to Sue Brett Favre Over $828,000

Mississippi, the state that reveres the Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre as a homegrown hero, threatened this week to sue him if he does not repay $828,000 that he owes within 30 days, according to the state auditor. Mr. Favre was among more than 10 people who were sent …...Read More

Georgia’s University System Takes on Tenure

In a direct challenge to the hallowed tradition of tenure, Georgia’s public university system will now let its colleges’ administrations remove a tenured professor with little to no faculty input. The Board of Regents on Wednesday approved the new policy, which is the only one of its kind in the …...Read More

Ricarlo Flanagan, Comedian Who Contracted Covid, Dies at 41

Ricarlo Flanagan, a comedian, actor and rapper best known for his appearances on TV’s “Last Comic Standing” and “Shameless,” died on Saturday in Los Angeles. He was 41. He contracted Covid-19 a few weeks ago, said his representative, Stu Golfman, who could not confirm the disease was the cause of …...Read More

Why the Tuskegee Study Slowed Vaccinations of Black Americans

“It’s less about saying, ‘This racial ethnic group is more hesitant, more unwilling to get vaccinated,’ and more about saying, ‘You know, this group of people in this given area or this community doesn’t have the information or access they need to overcome their hesitancy,’” said Nelson Dunlap, chief of …...Read More

Justice Dept. to Investigate Reports of Abuse in Texas’ Juvenile Prisons

The department opens its inquiries into correctional facilities based on public documents, news reports, social media posts and conversations with people involved in local prison systems that reveal instances of brutal violence and sexual abuse, neglect of the mentally ill, and other serious improprieties. Ms. Clarke said that the Justice …...Read More