When Swami Vivekananda’s honesty stunned his teacher

During the childhood of Swami Vivekananda, who was called Naren them, he was once narrating an interesting incident to his classmates in school. They were so engrossed in the discussion that they didn’t realize when the teacher entered the class and started teaching. After a while, while teaching, the teacher …...Read More

From an HIV patient to a spiritual author, Fabien Soudiere’s life is an inspiration

Fabien Soudiere was diagnosed with HIV in 2011 and he, obviously, was shattered. As the ailment is related to sex, there is a huge social stigma attached to it. Fabien went through the rigorous treatment procedure. But he later went onto the spiritual path and discovered himself. Today, he is …...Read More

When non-Muslims were given a tour of Juma Masjid and Islam

The Juma Masjid of Bombay Trust invited a group of non-Muslims for the tour of a mosque as part of a peace initiative on Sunday 21 March. The aim of the event was to explain aspects about Islam and remove misunderstandings about the religion while admiring the classic architecture of …...Read More

Rama and Sugriva’s bond shows we need not be related by blood or even race

One of the most important chapters in the Ramayana is the episode between Rama and Sugriva. Lord Rama, as we all know, was the husband of Sita and brother of Lakshman. Sugriva was the vanara [animal] belonging to the kingdom of Kishkindha, married to Ruma. Vali, his elder brother, was …...Read More

Book review: GITA - Spirituality for Leadership & Success

I have come across numerous people having this misconception that spiritual texts like the Bhagavad Gita are very serious and they cater only to those who are nearing the end of their lives. However, the reality is the complete opposite of this. The main aim of the Gita is to …...Read More

Photos: Picturesque monastery in Shimla

Shimla has a beautiful Buddhist monastery called Dorje Drak. But somehow, it doesn’t feature in the list of ‘must see’ tourist destinations in the hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh. We had a difficult time finding the monastery because hardly anyone knew its proper location. In fact, even few hundred …...Read More

When Swami Vivekananda instilled self-respect in a cobbler

When Swami Vivekananda was traveling across India, he came across a cobbler, who was looked down upon due to his profession. Therefore, the cobbler too felt the same about his profession. Swamiji tried igniting self-respect in him saying, “Your profession is very noble. It is only because of you that …...Read More

Book Review: Vivekananda by Pranay Gupta

Born as Narendranath Datta, Swami Vivekananda was a monk known for spreading the greatness of India and its culture far and wide. His speech at the Parliament Of Religions in 1893 in Chicago remains one of the most iconic speeches ever that brought India on the world map more prominently. …...Read More

Hanuman and Arjun faced the same challenge once

Hanuman and Arjun are part of two different epics. While the former was the ardent worshipper of Lord Rama in Ramayana, the latter was an important part of the Mahabharata as the best warrior and archer. Although both were a part of different yugas, they share a similarity in the …...Read More

Author Pranay Gupta’s books on spirituality for leadership & success

Mystic philosopher, author, theatre personality and motivational speaker Pranay Gupta has come up with a series of five books on Indian spirituality with an aim to help readers attain success and develop leadership skills. Published by Fingerprint! Publishing, the books are named – Gita, Hinduism, Buddha, Vedanta and Vivekananda. Pranay …...Read More